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100 Things - Week 4

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Almost one month into this project and still going strong! This week was all about labels. How you see yourself and making that external.

This is most apparent in our "Introvert" enamel pin and "Feminist" embroidered patch. The introvert label is one that's close to both of our hearts. While Jen and I have had a blast meeting people through running this business, we're both actually pretty private people. In this world we live in though, you've got to be willing and able to share and share often. The feminist patch is one we also feel strongly about and we loved making this feel like a vintage name patch.

The "I Heart Mondays" pinback button and "Wake Up Early, Stay Up Late" print set also describe some of our mantras for the self-employed life. Both were printed with our Risograph on super bright colored paper.

We ended the week with some kawaii "Favorite Foods" pinback buttons and the insanely cute "Hugging Cats" card. Oh yeah, can't forget our weekly tarot print, this week's was "The High Priestess".

Thanks for following along, seeya next week!

100 Things - Week 3

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We introduced a bit more weird into week three. We begin with "The Magician" Tarot risograph print and go farther down the esoteric hole with a "Palm Reader" print, "I Want To Believe" patch, and "Illuminati" enamel pin. The patch is really cool because we were able to create a gradient using three different colors of thread. It makes an amazing effect that has to be seen up close. Our patch game continued this week with a simpler, but no less striking patch, the "Nope Heart".

This week also featured Earth Day so we made a "Please Save Me" pinback button with an extra cute earth to inspire maximum guilt. We ended on take on the classic cat poster with our "Hang In There, Baby" card. We printed this card with our Risograph on duplexed Astrobright paper.

That's it for now, seeya next week!

100 Things - Week 2



It got to be a supreme hassle to add a separate blog entry for each thing so we've decided to simplify our lives and do a weekly recap. Check back next week when we'll inevitably make it a monthly recap ;)

Week 2 introduces a couple of Risograph prints. We recently found a Risograph 3750 off Craigslist and after a couple of nights in the studio managed to get it fully functional. It's an amazing device that combines the tactility and artisanal quality of silkscreen or letterpress with the (somewhat) ease of use of an office copier. We'll definitely be talking about the Riso process more later but if you have time, do a search for it on Youtube and prepare to be amazed.

The Riso prints actually perfectly describe the way Jen and I are feeling about this project. The first is "The Fool" tarot which represents new beginnings and the "Go Your Own Way" print sums up our general "business" strategy.

Along with the prints we have a couple more throwbacks to our mapping roots with our "Compass Rose" enamel pin and "Dual Hemispheres Wall Scroll". We experimented with colored enamel and fine detail on our "Polaroid" enamel pin and also tried out copper with the "I Heart Cats" enamel pin. Rounding off the week is our simple "Genuine" embroidered patch with cool golden thread detailing.

Thanks for following along, seeya next week!